Write a research paper using scholarly article to address The

Write a research paper using scholarly article to address The community-group of people are women, and children; and location to address this group Bronx, New York.

 Use the healthy people indicator:Reduce rate among death children aged 1 to 4 years MICH 3.1.

To help women, and children to address the top health needs identified, poster presentation gives the best advantage. The poster gives individualized information and can give a higher number. Posters can also be uploaded easily on social media platforms. How can posters be an influence in reducing  rate among death children aged 1 to 4 years 

Guidelines to the paper

Introduction establishes the purpose of the paper and describes why the topic is important to health promotion in the target population in your area, Introduction stimulates the reader’s interest, Conclusion includes the main ideas from the body of the papered and Conclusion includes the major support points from the body of the paper.

Relate Topic to Target Population

Required criteria

 Describes the topic and target cultural population, includes statistics to support the significance of the topic,  Explains how the project relates to the selected Healthy People 2020 topic area. 

and Applies health promotion concepts.

Summary of Articles

Required criteria

 A minimum of three (3) scholarly articles, from the last 5 years, are used as sources, Articles meet criteria of being from scholarly journals and include health promotion and wellness content., At least one article is related to the chosen cultural group, Summaries all key points and findings from the articles, Includes statistics to support the significance of the topic. and Discusses how information from the articles is used in the Health Promotion Project, including specific examples.

Health Promotion Discussion

Required criteria

 Describes approaches to educate the target population about the topic. , The approaches are appropriate for the cultural target population., Identifies specific ways to promote lifestyle changes within the target population. and Applies health promotion strategies.

APA format 3- 4 pages  and a turnip score of 8%

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