Write a business e-mail to the team that contains the

 Write a business e-mail to the team that contains the following:

  • A summary that paraphrases the central idea of the leadership theory that you think is most appropriate for your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar). Provide a rationale to support why you think the leadership theory is appropriate for your organization and include specific lessons that can be learned from the theory, based on your observations and experience. Be sure to include the appropriate citation and reference for the reading from which you are paraphrasing.

You might want to start your summary like this: “Based on my analysis of various leadership theories, I think the passage that best captures the central idea of a leadership theory that is particularly relevant and important to our organization is found in Ulrich, Smallwood, and Sweetman (2008) on page X.” Then, include the appropriate reference at the end of your summary. For example:


Ulrich, D., Smallwood, N., & Sweetman, K. (2008). Defining leadership code. In The leadership code: Five rules to lead by (pp­ 1–24). Boston, MA: Harvard Business School.

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