Web Scavenger Hunt Answer each question and provide the URL

Web Scavenger Hunt

Answer each question and provide the URL for each of the web sites you use.

EXAMPLE: Who was the 22nd President of the United States of America?

 Grover Cleveland


1.  Who is Tim Berners-Lee?

2.  Online file sharing site. 

3.  Two cloud application sites.

4.  Video conferencing for free. 

5.  Locate a video on how to create a podcast.

6.  AtomEnabled – What is it used for?

7.  Locate a celebrity’s blog. 

8.  What are the GPS coordinates for the North Metro Campus?

9.  Locate the Chattahoochee Tech Facebook page. Post the address below.

10.  Area code for New Orleans, Louisiana.

11.  Picture of the Nevada State flag. Paste the picture into this document.

12.  Average temperature for Turin, Italy in July.

13.  How many teaspoons in a cup?

14.  Capital of Slovenia?

15.  Screen print of a map showing Akron, Ohio.

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