Use of electronic technology and well-being. Internet addiction or

Internet addiction or social media and bullying versus the benefits of technology for learning and self-improvement.



Here are the 6 peer-reviewed journal articles:


1) Pea, Roy (2012). “Media use, face-to-face communication, media multitasking, and social well-being among 8- to 12-year-old girls”. Developmental psychology (0012-1649), 48 (2), p. 327.



2) Tartari, E. (2015). Benefits and risks of children and adolescents using social media. European Scientific Journal, 11(13), 321–332. Retrieved from 



3) Why do we ‘like’ social media? Ciarán Mc Mahon considers the psychology behind Facebook and more.



4) Social impact in social media: A new method to evaluate the social impact of research Cristina M. Pulido , Gisela Redondo-Sama, Teresa Sordé-Martí, Ramon Flecha Published: August 29, 2018



5) Andreassen, C.S., Pallesen, S., Griffiths, M.D. (2017). The relationship between excessive online social networking, narcissism, and self-esteem: Findings from a large national survey. Addictive Behaviors, 64, 287- 293. Cecilie Schou Andreassen a,b,⁎, Ståle Pallesen, Mark D. Griffiths c



6) A review of social media methods and lessons learned from the National Children’s Study Amelia Burke-Garcia,1 Kate Winseck,2 Leslie Cooke Jouvenal,3 David Hubble,1 and Kathryn M. Kulbicki1 Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer 

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