There are number of contemporary challenges facing the juvenile justice


There are number of contemporary challenges facing the juvenile justice system in the United States. Several of these challenges are directly or indirectly related to race and ethnicity. For this assignment, you are required to select one of the contemporary challenges listed below and respond to the provided prompts. For each contemporary challenge, a link or reading reference is attached to provide further information to inform your response. 

Challenge 1:  Racial disparities in juvenile detention/incarceration (read more here Download here)

Challenge 2:  The School-to-Prison Pipeline (read more here Links to an external site.)

Challenge 3:  Juvenile Life Without Parole (read more here Links to an external site.or here Links to an external site.)

For whichever contemporary challenge you select, respond to the following prompts:

Prompt 1:  Briefly state your opinion about this issue. Is it a big concern? Not a concern? Why?

Prompt 2: Identity and briefly describe one reform (policy, practice, or intervention) that you think might help address this contemporary challenge. Make sure you explain why you chose this particular reform.

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