The Shakespeare Sonnets

 Description This essay covers Shakespeare Sonnets in the textbook. Follow all directions. -For this assignment, choose TWO (2) of the assigned Shakespeare sonnets. It is best to choose two that you believe to match up thematically. Then write an explication (see the handout) that explains the images/meaning within work. Your paper should follow the standard MLA. Also, the introductory paragraph must introduce and summarize sonnet. The body paragraphs are where you will explicate each individual work. It is best to work one sonnet, then the other, in a paragraph or two. The conclusion will wrap up the paper by reinforcing your claim/interpretation of the sonnets. POINTS TO REMEMBER: 1. Be specific in your use of examples from the sonnets. Set up a quoted materials; make sure your cite material correctly to avoid plagiarism 2. Sonnet titles are always in “Quotation Marks”, no matter it appears. 3. Also, use the first line of the sonnet as the title. 4. The works cited page will have two sources listed (in alphabetical order by title of the sonnet, not by order of use in the paper). 5. Only the textbook is allowed as source material. NO ADDITIONAL OUTSIDE SOURCE MATERIAL REQUIRED OR NEEDED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. ANY STRAY OUTSIDE WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC NO-CREDIT FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. 6. Be aware: THe built-in plagiarism feature in Blackboard-Safe Assign-will check for copied language.

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