The Country that this report will be on is FRANCE!!!.

The Country that this report will be on is FRANCE!!!.  I have attached a sample outline of how it should look and also I have attached the required information that should be included on the outline and report.  

 1. Outline– For this assignment create an outline that includes the topics for your report.  Topics are located in the FBR Instructions in Module 6.  Each topic should have a minimum of three (3) subtopics to meet the required length.  Don’t confuse an outline (which is not included in the final FBR draft) with the Table of Contents, which will show all topics and subtopics and page numbers and will be included in the report.

  1. References– At least 5 as you begin working on your report.
  2. Introduction– A brief paragraph to introduce your report.  You will tweak this as you write your FBR.

Table of Contents

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