Survey of world History

 We have covered several different peoples and places so far this term so it is a good idea to take a step back and do some good compare and contrast analysis. This week we are looking at the early American societies and especially the Olmec. We have covered Mesopotamia, Egypt, early China and early India, the Greeks, and the Romans in the modules leading up to this one. Compare and contrast the Olmec with one of the other societies we have covered so far in the class. You can compare/contrast political structure, the economy, religion, social structure –whatever you want — but select at least two areas to cover. 3-4 pages. Have a title page, intro, multiparagraph body, and conclusion. Each essay should be 4 pages double spaced in length and must follow closely the directions in the module, which includes the requirement that you cite by page number the book in the body of the essay. You must have in-text citations from the book. This is the book information: when you get to the website you click continue reading.

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