Students will be assigned to a team and required to

 Students will be assigned to a team and required to present one case from a list of Case numbers on textbook page 343 (Cases 3, 6, 13, 14 and 15) cannot be selected). The team is responsible for a 15 – 20 minute long PowerPoint presentation on the case, and a two page overview of the presentation. The presentation must address the following: 

  1. Key challenges that the company or organization faces.
  2. Ethical risks or challenges.
  3. What the company did in managing these risks and challenges.
  4. If this company faced new challenges today, are they prepared to respond appropriately?

The team must conduct outside research in order to integrate business ethics issues, frameworks, and examples into the presentation pertinent to the assigned case.The presentation must address relevant issues from the textbook. PowerPoint requirements:

  1. The title (first) slide must contain the name of the case, the name of the class, the name of the instructor, the date, and the name of each member.
  2. The last slide(s) must list the references used in your presentation in APA format.  Any reference to an internet address must be an active hyperlink.
  3. Use of some graphics (photos, smart art, charts, etc.) is encouraged, but the majority of your slides will contain written text.
  4. Written text will be of consistence font type and size so that it can be easily read from the back of the classroom.
  5. Other than the title and references slides, there is no minimum or maximum number of slides.  Keep in mind your presentation and slide show should last between 15  minutes.
  6. Each team member must actively participate in the presentation.
  7. The PowerPoint must be uploaded into this BlackBoard assignment by the due date.


  1. Your team presentation will be graded using the attached group presentation rubric.  Your team’s total group points will account for 75% of your individual grade.
  2. Your team will evaluate each member on his or her contribution to the project using the attached Peer Evaluation form.  After your team’s presentation, you will fill out and turn in the individual form. This total score will account for 25% of your individual grade. 
  3. The Team Project Presentation assignment is weighted 25% of your class average!

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