Structured Behavioral Questions for a CFO

Create a structured behavioral interview for the job title Chief Financial Officer. Describe the interview in detail and provide a minimum of 3 sample structured behavioral questions. Be sure to: • Describe how you will develop the interview questions to ensure they are job-related and behaviorally-focused. • Explain when and where in the selection process it will occur and who will administer it (e.g., immediately after application vs. closer to the end of the selection process, remote vs. at the jobsite, HR staff vs. hiring managers, both, panel, etc.). Remember to give consideration to why you made these choices. • Discuss relative costs/person hours required to conduct the interview and how this relates to the utility of the interview. • Provide a scoring rubric to rate candidate responses on each of your sample questions. • Your rubric should include behavioral anchors (explanations at each scale point, see the example on the next page – note that you may have as many or as few scale points as you wish, numeric or qualitative).

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