Strategic Analysis & Foresight Report for Dubai 2035

Strategic Analysis & Foresight Report for Dubai 2035 

Description: Conduct strategic foresight for Dubai 2035 and write a 5000 words report that includes: 1. Executive Summary: identifying key question & its importance for innovation in public sector 2. Strategic Foresight Method [assessed on depth & references] 3. Horizon scanning: identification, collection & analysis of “signals of change” [assessed on evidence (scan hits: white papers, journal articles, news, etc., should be in appendices), and breadth & depth of horizon scanning (it’s less about finding a piece of information that no one else can find & more about analyzing implications, so that the information can be acted upon 4. Key Drivers: identify & prioritize drivers that will provide foundation for developing future scenarios [assessed on depth of descriptions & how the drivers might come together in a range of plausible future outcomes] 5. Foresight Scenarios: write the scenarios using the 2×2 matrix around the two most important & uncertain drivers [assessed on depth of scenarios & implications of identified drivers, and additional research to supplement it (e.g. interviews & focus groups) 6. Strategic Consequences: analyze strategic consequences & plot them on probability/impact matrix [assessed on depth of explanation & clarity of matrix] 7. Foresight Strategies: develop foresight strategies & explain how to align it with corporate strategies [assessed on usefulness of strategies & alignment with example corporate strategies]

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