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 Description there seems to be a confusion about what is required for the close reading analysis. Show your very detailed analysis of the specific part of the text; this might be very different from the research paper. For example, one person might write: the quote “Friday’s very affections were tied to me, like those of a child to a father” exemplifies that Crusoe wants to control Friday. (the end. then goes over to another point)—> pay more attention to the language and technique. Expand on the interpretation of the quote a lot more. For example, you can instead say: Crusoe uses a simile introduced by ‘like’ to compare their relationship to the one between a father and a child. Crusoe uses this simile of the parent-child relationship to cover up the fact that they are essentially in the master/slave relationship. (if you go on like this, you can make two-three sentences for every direct quotation) The reason why we need more close analysis is because we can provide more concrete evidence, and sometimes the direct quote gives a chance to come up with a brilliant observation, which was not obvious at first reading. So this close reading analysis is a kind of exercise, warming up for the future longer paper.

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