Reflection Paper


•reflect on one event arising from your clinical experience as a student nurse. This reflection should be focused on your role (i.e. actions, behaviours, thoughts) in this event. 3-page maximum (excluding title page and reference page) Reference: • Must use one current (within 5 years) scholarly journal article [peer reviewed] from the nursing or allied health literature. APA Format & Clarity of Writing: • Must use APA [Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed)] to guide scholarly writing and citation of reference. For example: ▪ 12-point font Times New Roman, double-spaced ▪ Margins 2.54cm (1 inch) • Thoughts organized & clearly presented. • Clear, focused writing with accurate grammar & spelling. Paper guidelines: Recall and briefly outline ONE event from your practice experience that is meaningful to you as a student nurse.Elaborate: Describe what happened. Objective Recall • Who was involved in the event? Do not use actual names or people or places. • What was said by you & by others? • What was done by you & others? Subjective Recall • What did you think? • What did you feel (emotions)? • What were your intuitions (gut feelings)? • How did you think others were feeling? • What are your values &/or beliefs in relation to the event? • From where do these values & beliefs arise?

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