The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:

1. Create and save documents.
2. Format documents.
3. Insert text and paragraphs.
4. Format texts and paragraphs.
5. Apply styles.
6. Create and configure document sections.

Apply for a job. To apply for the new job, you will need to create two items: (a) a resume and (b) a cover letter. You may use the templates that are built into Word for your resume or you can create the resume from scratch. Whichever way you choose the document must look professional. The second item, the cover letter, should be a letter to the Human Resources Director at the company you are applying to. This letter should be written in a formal style and should follow the guidelines for a resume cover letter. Review these websites to walk you through writing a resume and cover letter.

Your resume and cover letter must follow these restrictions:

1. Each item must be no more than one page.
2. Both items must have correct spelling and grammar.
3. The job you are applying for must be real (the company does not need to be hiring, but the job you are applying for must be real).
4. The job you are applying for must be realistic for someone of your age and experience (you may not be able to apply to be President of a company, but you can apply for a lower level position). If you are presently working, you may apply for that same position.
5. The information you provide in the resume and cover letter should be real information, correct for you and the job you are applying to.
6. The resume must include the following:

a. Full name, address, and contact information (phone and email).
b. Objective or desired job statement.
c. Education.

7. The resume must include at least 2 of the following 3 categories:

a. Experience (does not have to be a job you previously had, it can be experience doing similar items or items that would help you in this job).
b. Volunteer work.
c. Awards and accomplishments.

8. The cover letter must include the following:

a. Full name, address, and contact information (phone and email) somewhere within the document.
b. Address of Human Resources or Hiring Personnel at the company you are applying to.
c. Paragraph 1 – why you are writing this letter and what job you are applying for.
d. Paragraph 2 – experiences which make you qualified for this job.
e. Paragraph 3 – information about meeting or contacting you for further information.
f. Closing remark including your signature and name.
g. Current date via “Insert date and time.”

You will be graded on including the above items and that you follow these formatting rules:

1. Use easy to read and professional font (such as Times New Roman, Arial, 12 point).
2. Appropriate document theme. No use of colors (except a link to an email address).
3. Proper indentation and alignment of text.
4. Correct use of bold, italics, and underline where necessary.
5. Use heading styles and bullets to organize your information.

Please submit the following to your Assignments Folder:

1. The completed Word file.
2. Submit a Project Reflection (see below)

Answer the following questions when you submit your assignments files. 

To complete the assignment, you had to use many different things that you learned both about writing a Resume (Content) and about using the Microsoft Word commands and functions (Formatting).

1. (Content) What elements of a good resume did you use from the Purdue Online Writing lab?
2. (Formatting) What were some of the Microsoft Word commands and functions that you used to make your resume more organized or sophisticated? Some examples of MS Word commands are: headings, margins, bullets/numbering -indenting, etc.

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