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 The purpose of this assignment is for Candidates to learn about students’ families using an interview protocol. This experience will provide information about their culture, their understanding of their child, and to see how the family views the education of their child. It is important that you try to understand the world the way the family sees it, not through your personal frame of reference/mental models. ( I will provide parents interview scripts) Your analysis should be based on the interview. 1) What surprises did you gain from the interview? 2) Based on your interview and the data you collected, what further information would you like to have? 3) Relate how the child has impacted the typical family functions and support with references to Seligman, Chap 1. (I will provide the reading) 4) How did this interview change your perceptions about the family of this child and families with children having special needs? 5) Finally, based on the lessons that you learned from the family, what will you do differently as you meet other families in the future?

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