New parents often seek advice for tips and advice about

New parents often seek advice for tips and advice about raising a new infant. There are so many conflicting views and perspectives about parenting that new parents receive from family members, healthcare providers, and Internet searches. Using scholarly sources such as your textbook and or journal articles, answer the questions below as if a friend were asking you to provide advice:

  1. What is infant sleep training? Is it safe? How do new parents know if their baby needs them, or should they let the baby cry it out? Are there attachment issues new parents should be concerned about when a baby cries for too long?
  2. Should parents wake a baby who has been sleeping for more than four hours to feed them?
  3. What books, toys, or videos should parents give a baby to give them an intellectual advantage? Are there ways parents can facilitate a higher level of intelligence in a child?
  4. Siblings are often very different in temperament. What does that mean? Why does that happen?

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