Module 4 Stakeholder Perspective Assignment – Coaches/Offcials

 Before completing this assignment, please review the Jesuit Values video [Length: 4:20] found in Module 2 Discussion 1. Using the Jesuit value of Educating the Whole Person (relationships) as your guide, research and review an article of your choice that focuses on an ethical situation/dilemma that occurred with regards to the stakeholders we are focusing on for the module. This module, your focus should be the stakeholder perspective of coaches/officials. Once you have identified your article, you will submit a detailed writing assignment. Your assignment must include the following information: Assignment title Link to where the article is housed Article title Summary of the article (in your own words) Summary of the Ethical dilemma Summary of the stakeholders involved and/or affected Your thoughts on a solution/conclusion Module 4 Overview How important are rules? And who is qualified to enforce those rules on the participants in sport? This week we will focus on coaches and officials as stakeholders. We will examine the role that they play in making sure that rules are equally applied to all those that are participating and we will also explore who those coaches and officials have to be as people. Please read the story by clicking the red up and down arrows on the right side of the slides and make sure to watch the videos embedded in the story.

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