Methods that improve communications in healthcare

Methods that improve communications in healthcare 

Paper details • Paper organization o Abstract is not required o Introduction  Significance of the issue  Clearly state the purpose of the paper  Include a thesis statement  Introduction should be 1-2 paragraphs o Review of the literature  Summarize, analyze, and synthesize the literature search in your own words  Cite the source of the information per APA format  Minimize direct quotations to <1 10% of total words o Conclusion  Summarize what was sad  How will you apply the concept or issue in your professional practice? This does not need to be a long discussion – 1 or 2 paragraphs is usually sufficient to address. Use of the word “I” is OK in this section • Total length = 8-10 pages (not included: cover page, abstract (if used), references) • APA format; Times New Roman side 12 Font with 1 inch margins

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