Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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1.As a leader, what five things can YOU do in YOUR job to increase the probability of ethical behavior by others in your organization? Please tailor these action items to your specific strengths, position, and expected role. Describe at length why you expect they will make a difference. What dilemmas have you observed in your past work environments that arose due to the lack of these five things? (Once you have answered this question, please actually do the five things!) 2.Make a prediction and back it up. Based on what you’ve learned in this course, identify a company that you believe will exhibit ethical problems in the near future. Describe in detail the elements that make the identified company vulnerable. What specific types of ethical misconduct do you expect might occur? Support your argument with proven concepts from the course. (And yes, if your make your case convincingly, I might short sell!)

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