Make sure you have read the full assignment in the


Make sure you have read the full assignment in the Projects section of Moodle. For Step 3, update me on your research and reading. Most importantly, provide a clear outline/plan for your final project’s organization. You should finish reading the 50 pages of original work by your philosopher. Answer the following questions in a Word document: 2 pages

1. Have you read all 50 pages of your philosopher’s work? How well do you understand it? 

2. Take the source you mentioned in Step 2 (the source for the biographical/historical sections) and create an MLA Works Cited entry (see the Writing Center’s MLA Guide). If you have the other sources you will use, add those in MLA format also. 

3. Explain what format your project will take. Why did you choose this format?

4. How you will organize the project? Provide an outline, storyboard, or a bullet-pointed list of the order. 

5. What questions do you have about the project?

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