Latin American History: The Challenges of Modern Nationhood

Analyze the four primary sources that accompany this essay prompt to explain why Cuba (1.) was not totally independent, and (2.) had not resolved the issue of racial inequality after 1901. Font: Times New Roman 12 point Margins: 1 inch Double spaced? Yes. What should it sound like? It should sound professional and must be proofread. What materials should be used? The following four primary sources located on Blackboard in the Information section: 1) The Platt Amendment 2) The Independent Party of Color 3) Teaching Cuba to Ride 4) Self-government — American Model. You can also refer briefly to the lecture or course materials from our Cuba Unit (Feb. 5 and 7) if needs be. Citations? Yes. (Title of source”, p.#) in the body of the essay or Chicago Style is fine. How is it graded? Please see the Essay Rubric on Blackboard in the Information Section Academic Honesty: If 1) materials are not cited as either: Chicago Style, which is footnotes (“Title of source”, p. #) in the body of the essay

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