Last week’s Mock question: how do AI innovations can help

 Last week’s Mock question:  how do AI innovations can help transform health care systems with the introduction of AI diagnosis and AI medicines, potential smart devices and, intelligent delivery methods. How to protect cyber threats to important personal health care information using AI. 

There is a connection between Mock and chapter one. Therefore, as an extension of our week in mock  from last week, we will write a new mock.


  1. Review the rubric and examples to make sure that you understand what is expected of you in this assignment.
    1. Chapter One Samples.pdf
    2. Rubric for 6.1.docx
  2. Develop a 3 pages mock chapter one to include the following expectations from the university:
    • Overview (1-2 well developed paragraphs)
    • Background and problem statement (1-2 well developed paragraphs)
    • Purpose of the study (1 well developed paragraph)
    • Significance of the study (1 well developed paragraph)
    • Research Questions (numbered list)
    • Limitations of the Study (1 short paragraph)
    • Assumptions (1 short paragraph)
    • Definitions (list)
    • Summary (1 well developed paragraph)

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