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Description In Chapter One of SDT James Loewen discusses the origin of how America cities, counties and neighborhoods grew racially segregated. Loewen notes that the removal of residents based on race was strategically done and as recent as 40 years ago there were at least 10k SDT’s in existence. For this assignment, you are required to construct an essay as it relates to the following: What is the author’s argument (summarize briefly but thoroughly)? What motive (purpose) might the author have for writing on this subject? Loewen mentions that the history of Sundown Towns has been hidden, explain in detail your thoughts on why so little is known about this piece of history and why it is not discussed. From your reading do you believe that SDT’s are part of the problem as it relates to race? Explain. What are thoughts on The Nadir of Race Relations and Sundown Towns…is there a correlation between the two? Explain Requirements: Paper should be a minimum of 1 ½ – 2 (not to exceed 3) pages typed and double-spaced with a 1” margin using Times New Roman 12 Font. Points will be deducted for grammatical/ spelling errors (2 points for each). For each question, a new paragraph is required, there is no need to add excessive spacing in between each question (please do not write out each question).

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