Is Moral Anger Exists?


1: follow the outline.

2: be sure to provide appropriate support for the premiss: primary sources, secondary sources are appropriate. Scholarly texts and articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals. 3: all arguments must have a major premiss, a minor premiss, and a conclusion(major premiss is main idea, and minor premisses prove major premisses, the evidence proves the minor premise) 4: follow MEAT(main idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Transition) strategy for paragraphs. Avoid complex language!

OUTLINE: 1. PRINCIPLE ARGUMENT: Major Premise- If moral anger exists, then moral facts exist. Minor Premise- If moral facts exist, then moral realist theses are sound. 2. FIRST SUPPORTING ARGUMENT: Major Premiss- If moral anger exists, then moral facts exist. Minor Premiss- moral anger exists. (evidence for existence of moral anger.) Conclusion- Thus, moral facts exist. 3. COUNTER ARGUMENT: Major Premiss-Anger is neither categorically nor necessarily moral. Conclusion- So, moral anger does not exist. REPLY TO COUNTER ARGUMENT: Major Premiss- Aristotle asserts that anger is a reaction too a perceive underserved slight, Christensen argues Aristotle’s meaning is best understood in the broad sense as injustice. Minor Premiss- If anger is a reaction to injustice– a lack of concern for the moral worth of anther person– then anger is categorically and necessarily moral. 4. SECOND SUPPORTING ARGUMENT: Major Premiss- If moral facts exist, then moral realist these are sound. Minor Premiss- It follows that anger– a reaction to being morally diminished– is a fact concerning morality, and thus a moral fact. 5: FINAL SUPPORTING ARGUMENT: If a single moral fact exists moral realist theses are sound. Anger is a singular moral fact.

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