Instructor Prompt #1 (only one this week): 500 words At

 Instructor Prompt #1 (only one this week):

500 words

At this point you have dived into the research process and you should be in the process of evaluating the sources you’ve discovered and deciding which materials are most appropriate for your final hybrid argument pa.per. Using the assigned weekly readings, I want you to reflect upon your research process up until this point.

Para #1: Describe your history with composing research pa.pers and the revision process at large. Your reflection may address any of the following questions but is not limited to this scope:  Have you ever written used an annotated bibliography? How have you organized research in the past when composing research pa.pers? How much experience have you had with peer review and what was your experience like? What kind of revision and review methods have you used to improve your writing (i.e. using a university writing center, instructor feedback, peer revision, writer’s workshops, etc)? Did the chapter on “Rethinking Revision” cause you to think about revision and the writing process differently?

Para #2: Describe the kinds of sources you’ve found (i.e. websites, magazines, peer reviewed articles, podcasts, videos, etc). Then describe what research challenges or barriers you’ve had to reconcile to this point, if any. Share any concerns or questions you have about the research or revision process moving forward. 

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