Instructions below… – Use the attachment template (All headers are already

 Instructions below…

– Use the attachment template (All headers are already on there)

– Attached is the Week 1 Project Proposal   (Ole Henriksen Natural Skincare)

Final Marketing Plan


Your term project for this class is a 16 page marketing plan for the product or service that was approved in your week one proposal (Ole Henriksen Natural Skincare). It is to follow 6th edition APA format and be of a quality graduate level. Don’t forget to use an appropriate amount of references for a paper of this length.

Required Marketing plan Headings:

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis

-Market Summary

-Target Markets

Marketing Demographics



-Behavioral factors

Market Needs

Market Trends

Market Growth

SWOT Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Market Strategy

-Marketing objectives

-Financial objectives

-Positioning strategy

Marketing tactics







-Break-Even Analysis

-Sales Forecast

-Marketing Budget


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