In this module, you were introduced to CRM, a software


In this module, you were introduced to CRM, a software that helps companies manage their customer relationships.  To that end, mobile CRM has grown in popularity.  For example, you must receive emergency alerts on your cell phones. CRM is the basis of this type of communication.

From the perspective of the customer, name a few approaches to mobile CRM that you would welcome to receive and some that you would not.

From the perspective of the company, what are the challenges of implementing mobile CRM targeted to customers? 

Next, find out how CRM systems are integrating social networking technologies to improve customer relationships.  Search social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to identify how a specific company of your choice is using social media to interact with customers. Share your findings.

Share your answers to these prompts in your initial post. Then scan your classmates’ threads and reply to at least TWO classmates whose answers interest you most. In your reply, comment on what you like about his/her sharing. Further the discussion in a direction you deem appropriate.

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