In the case of IBM Cloud Labs, is being dispersed an advantage or a

1. In the case of IBM Cloud Labs, is being dispersed an advantage or a drawback over collecting people at a single location. Why? 2. What special qualities as a manager, if any, must people like Willie Chiu possess to carry out their responsibilities? 3. Your company had technically competent people like Willie Chiu, how would you help them develop the global managerial talents required to succeed? 4. What is your opinion of IBM’s innovation portal as a means of encouraging and supporting productivity among global teams? Instructions For this assignment, it is important for you to read chapter 10 carefully before attempting to answer the assignment. The learning from reading the text must be reflected in your answers. Prepare your responses in no more than 4 type written pages (in APA Format). There is no need to write too much. Try to stick to the points. • Be sure to discuss the readings for this module and at least two additional resources. • Don’t forget to use in-text citations and include a reference list in APA format. Resources: textbook will be uploaded separately Steers, R., Sanchez-Runde, C. J., & Nardon, L. (2016) – 3rd Edition. Management across cultures: Developing Global Competencies. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9781316604038. Web site: Many elements of the course relate to Hofstede’s National Cultural Dimensions. You should bookmark the Hofstede Centre web site and use it as a source for the writing assignments and discussion postings.

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