identify the elements of classical conditioning in your colleague’s advertisement

identify the elements of classical conditioning in your colleague’s advertisement (i.e., unconditioned and conditioned stimulus, unconditioned and conditioned response). Then, determine whether or not you have been persuaded to buy the product and what persuaded you.


Classical conditioning describes the phenomenon that elicits an emotional response is repeatedly paired with a neutral stimulus that does not, until the neutral stimulus takes on the emotional properties of the first stimulus (Aronson et al., 2019). Using the concept of classical conditioning, marketing and advertising managers use classical conditioning to induce or elicit desirable emotions in prospective and continuing consumers so that they continue to purchase the product or service being marketed. My fictional product/service is a mobile hair market selling weave and wigs called Melanin on the Go. Typically, women have to go to a store or a hair shop to purchase hair. With my product/service, consumers would be able to fulfill their needs immediately. Historically, skin color, facial features, and hair play a substantial role in the lives of Black Americans due to perceived self-worth, intelligence, success, and overall attractiveness being directly influenced by certain factors such as the kinkiness of their hair or the fullness of their lips (Neal et al., 1989). Providing hair for those who need it in an expedited fashion gives those clients relief and allows them to feel beautiful. My ad would be the picture of women of color smiling and laughing together while touching their hair. Depending on the season, I would use warm colors such as red or yellow, or cool colors such as blue and green. This image can elicit favorable emotions such as motivation, encouragement, and excitement. If the client is satisfied, they will share their experience via social media and word of mouth.

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