HR response to exercise

 Description As sport and exercise scientists/exercise professionals/sports therapists etc. we often test clients/athletes etc. This usually results in lots of data that needs to be collected and analysed appropriately. This component of assessment will start to teach you how to analyse and present data correctly and more importantly, understand it in such a way that you can communicate it using academic terminology to another person (me!). If you understand the analysed information well enough to explain it to a fellow professional, you will also be able to explain it better and in more detail to your athlete/client. These are crucial skills to exercise professionals; if we were to produce inaccurate or irrelevant information in a report or can’t explain it properly then it would not inspire the client to have any confidence in us. A professional looking report that has been correctly presented and analysed will do wonders for our reputation and in your case, your grade profile! The objective behind this assignment is to help you develop your data analysis skills as well as your ability to interpret and present the data correctly. Report writing is a little different to essay writing so this assessment will help you extend your current writing ability so that you’re able to write very concisely whilst conveying a lot of information. A further objective of this work is to help you enhance your research skills in relation to finding relevant literature that will help support your claims.

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