How was the rebuilt handled after Katrina?

Paper details Answer the following questions based on Environmental Justice course work, each section must be about one or two paragraphs long depending on the question and answer. First Section Why did this Hurricane Katrina have such a disproportionate and lasting impact on poor people and people of color? Did the breaching of the levees challenge the way in which race and class are perceived in the United States? Explain what has happened to the levees during Katrina? What is (or should be) the role of media in a democratic society when there is a national disaster? How was the rebuilt handled after Katrina? (make connections between these questions in your answer). Second Section What are the key findings of the survey explained in the reading “Unmet Needs: Superstorm Sandy and Immigrant Communities in the Metro New York Area”? According to the reading by Gluck, Z. “Race, class, and disaster gentrification,” what are the evidences that disaster gentrification has happened in Red Hook in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy? Why were some areas rebuilt faster or received other help faster than others? Why were organizations such as Occupy Sandy and Friends of the Rockaway formed in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy? (make connections between these questions in your answer)

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