Here are 2 different assignment answer them in separate pages

 Here are 2 different assignment answer them in separate pages

Assignment 1

Answer those questions down below for assignment 1 and answer it as it is you, one of my family had cancer after several years we lost him and that impacted us in everything. Explain it in less than a page 2-3 paragraphs.

Consider a serious health problem that you, a family member, or close friend has had. Outside of the direct medical effects,

How did this health problem impact other life areas for the individual? How did this health problem impact friends and family?

How could the situation have been improved?

Assignment 2

Answer this question down below, one page only and related it to chapter one and add 2 quote related to the book that I attached it , The book that I attached down below is for assignment 2 and use chapter 1 for this question, cite and make a reference for it

What, if any, historical events or events have had a large impact on your cohort? In your family of origin, what were the norms about when young adults should leave the parental home, complete formal education, establish a committed romantic relationship, or become a parent?

How consistent are your own ideas about these young adult transitions with the idea of your family of origin?

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