Good evening class, In 2 pages max (double space, 12


Good evening class, 

In 2 pages max (double space, 12 size/Arial), please answer ALL questions. Please save your document with your full name. (See example: Kenneth_Ramirez_reflection4). Please email before or by 10/26/2021. Thank you!

P.S Late submissions are penalized by 20%.

Step 1: Imagine yourself as a compensation specialist and design a pay system for a company of your choosing.

  • Before you begin designing, identify key decision points when considering pay for performance and determine the factors that conclude about organizational readiness for pay performance. Use material from chapter 9 & 10 to support your response.
    • Examples to include are below:
      • Compensation components
      • Pay-per-performance standard
      • Types of Incentives plans

Step 2: Pros and Cons

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of your DESIGN PAY SYSTEM and make suggestions about how employees should be rewarded, as well as identify limitations that you encountered while designing.

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