For each article, you will compose an Editor’s Letter to


For each article, you will compose an Editor’s Letter to the author (of at least 300 words), wherein you’ll provide support and specific evidence for your editorial recommendation. It is extremely important to consider all elements of the manuscript and review process BEFORE making your editorial decision. Please use the following as an approximate template for your letters:

Summarize the author’s main message to the reader. What stylistic tools does the author use to convey this message (logical appeals, humor, outside research, personal anecdote, etc.)?

How does the structure of this article work? Is it intuitive for you to follow as a reader? Do you have any questions about how to author structured their article?

Are there any parts of the article that you feel confused about or don’t understand? Be specific.

Select one quotation from the article that you think is particularly strong, evocative, or otherwise noteworthy, and offer your thoughts on why that particular quotation had an effect on you as a reader.

Do you think that this article will be of interest to the readership of The Exchange? Explain why/why not.

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