Economic impact on airline industry

BUS 525 Research Report: 

Company Case Study and Industry Analysis

Grade:  This is an individual research project.                           

*Report length should be approximately 6 pages (typed, double-spaced).  


Report Format:

-Intro (Company History & Outlook)

-Data & Graph Analysis (add your own interpretations)

-Conclusion (your strategy recommendation to the company)

-Bibliography (References)


Part 1: Applied Supply and Demand Analysis

1)  Choose a Company that is affected by the recent fall in gasoline price. 

      Find an article from newspapers or magazines on this current-event.

      Company or Industry Choices:

a) Economic impact on airline industry, or

b) Economic impact on Truck/SUV car sales, or

c) Economic impact on FedEx, UPS, or any pizza or flower delivery businesses.

     Apply the S&D model you learned in class. Draw the S&D graph,

     and show the dynamics of before and after the gas price change.

     *Things to consider include: elasticity, complements or substitutes.     


Part 2: Company and Industry Analysis

2)  Discuss this company’s business outlook.

     Eample: earnings, profits, stock price, competitors, etc.


3) Define this company’s industry type (Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic competition, or Pure competition?).  List some of this company’s characteristics, then compare these to the defined industry type characteristics.


4) Apply industry and market analysis we learned in class.                                                           


a) Industry concentration analysis: Interpret any market share index, include C4 or HHI index if it applies.

b) Game theory analysis: Pricing or advertising decision analysis if it applies.

4)  Provide business strategy recommendations in your conclusion.                       (Example: should this company plan more budget in advertising? Should there be an expansion for the company? Should there be merger, market share domination strategy, etc.?)

EcBu 525 Research Report – Grading Rubric






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