Early Childhood and Special Education birth to grade 2

his is for my field experience and practicum class…ABOUT Early Childhood and Special Education birth to grade 2…I will present the lesson( as my exam)you will write for the 2-3 year old kids, group of 10 kids, and lesson will take 30 min. First I’ll give kids stickers, they will write their names their, and I’ll stick it on their clothes.Then I will read the Moon on the farm…The lesson will be about animals…I will read this book to kids ,show the photos of the animals,then press the button on it and show how each animal sound…I will ask them to repeat all together how it sound and then repeat each of the student separately…Who couldn’t repeat,I will help them…After I will read the book calls Animal color and will show them which color every animal on the picture.After I am done reading this book,I will go through every page again and will ask them to tell me which color is each animal….After I will show the cards with the animals and will tell them how each animal calls, which which letter it starts…After I will give one card to every kid, and will ask them to stand up and tell what’s the animal is on the card…Who will not know,I will help…After I will take the animal features,I will attach some photos you will see it and will show them animals, tell how this animal calls,which letter it starts with …Then I will give for everyone animal features and will ask them to tell what kind of animal is that…After I will give them stickers with the animals for great listening and participation and will stick it on their hands…. I will attach the Template of Lesson Plate…Please write it on based what I will do…Fill all the parts please….. I will attach books that I will use and cards and features so you see…All kids are 2 and 3 old there…They can’t read words yet and can’t write…Some of them who is 2 can’t speak…Also half of the kids in the class their native home language is Russian,not English…

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