Draft (1400 words) + Discussion (500) + peer review script

  Draft (1400 words) + Discussion (500) + peer review script for video (500)

Week 7: Advocacy Text and Rhetorical Analysis Draft #1 Discussion (Week 7) + Peer Response (Week 8)


At this point in the writing process, you have proposed your advocacy topic to peers, received feedback, began preliminary research, annotated those sources, and now you should be ready to begin drafting!

After reviewing the assignment sheet, you need to produce (1) full draft of both the Advocacy Text and Rhetorical Analysis Es.say from the Advocacy Text and Rhetorical Analysis Assignment + Rubric.

Your peers will respond to both your advocacy text and the analysis.

So your peers can best respond to your draft, you will attach your drafts as attachments to this discussion board post, but you are expected to produce a 500-word Author’s Note detailing where you are in the writing process. 

Initial Response Instructions

 Initial Response must include your draft in attachment form as well as a 500-word author’s note that describes where you are in the processes of writing. This post will address your audience (your peer responders and instructor directly). You may address any of the following questions in your author’s note in the body of the discussion post:

What are you needing help with at this point in the writing process?

What are you most concerned with?

What are you most proud of at this point? 

Peer Response Instructions

Peer responses will include attached annotations on your peer’s pa.per as well as a 3–5-minute video response explaining what revision you recommend.

 Peer response should explicitly address the author’s note 

Submission Requirements

Author’s Note (500-words minimum) is included in the body of the post

Attach both your Advocacy text and Rhetorical Analysis full drafts to your discussion board submission (there should be (2) attachments)

§ For the advocacy text, since the text is not a traditional academic es.say, you do not need to use MLA style: however, to be ethical and transparent, you must verbally or visually cite any sources you used. Cite them in a way that makes sense for the type of text you’ve created.

§ For the Rhetorical Analysis, the es.say and document should use MLA style and to reach the level of depth expected, the es.say should be no shorter than about 1,400 words but may be longer 

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