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 Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait Mona Lisa has continued to entrance and mystify viewers over the centuries. Provide a detailed description of this piece and explain some of the mystery and enigma behind this portrait, as well as its beauty. How did it embody the ideals of High Renaissance portraiture, and how did it depart from them? Follow this Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to the Louvre’s website, and read the brief description of this painting. Explore the impact of Italian art and ideas on the work and persona of German artist Albrecht Durer. Choose one of his works from the chapter, and discuss its Italianate features and the ways in which it departs from and draws on earlier northern European traditions. [Fig. 19-16:Van Der Weyden, St. Luke; and 22-22,Gossaert’s St . Luke] Gossaert’s painting of St. Luke drawing the Virgin Mary suggests that he knew Rogier van der Weyden’s famous earlier painting of the same subject. Compare these two works, separated in date by almost a century, discussing Gossaert’s references to Rogier’s painting but also characterizing the way each of these two artists embodied the style that characterizes their particular moment in the history of art. What did these paintings mean for their original audience?

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