Compare and contrast the people, and climate, economy, politics, and

Descriptive analytical term paper describing a country, people, and climate, economy, politics, and culture this will be compared and contrasted with two separate other countries.

Three countries will be Ireland Finland and Peru a six page paper double spaced written in Times new Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins approximately 1500 words. You will need to note similarities and differences between the three countries. I will need a separate work cited page apart from the 1500 words. Six separate sources must be used. I will need an outline for this term paper to turn in prior to the term paper due date separate from the 1500 words. I am willing to pay extra for this. The six page term paper must include 1500 words. This term paper will be run through turn it plagiarism software and any plagiarism is grounds for immediate expulsion. Thank you

#Compare #contrast #people #climate #economy #politics

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