Choose a real-life scenario you have encountered or can imagine

Choose a real-life scenario you have encountered or can imagine and discuss why is it important to have good data quality and what can happen if your data quality is bad.

Respond to my classmate’s post to the above Question on why you agree  (MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS)

                                                        CLASSMATE’S POST

Without diving into too many specifics and getting into the technical jargon of things, my line of work involves 24-hour shifts split among a crew of two people. These two people can divide up the shifts however they see fit with the other person going into rest status. Because of this, there is always one person that takes the night shift. Typically, the hours are 10am-10pm for the day shift person with the night shift person working 10pm – 6am. At 6am, the day shift person wakes up and the person on nights can get a small morning nap before another crew reliefs us. This combined with long drives that are 1-3 hours to and from the work site can cause a lot of fatigue. This is also a career field that has been around for decades. Where the data comes in is through the sleep study that was performed for our line of work. Through a biometric monitoring device, it was found that both crew members exhibited levels of fatigue so high that it rivaled behind intoxicated. This was quality data because it is one of the main drivers behind quality-of-life improvements being rolled-out currently. Bad data would have meant that things would stay the same, or even worse. 

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