Assignment Details The application of a community-oriented policing (COP) program

Assignment Details

The application of a community-oriented policing (COP) program involves addressing a specific need or problem that police officials and community members have collectively identified. Such addressing of specific community problems is often referred to as problem-oriented policing (POP). The application of POP within a COP strategy is clarified by the following diagram: 


(The Chief Justice Earl, 2013) 

One way to address the problem or need would be to apply the SARA model. The SARA model emphasizes four phases of a problem-solving process: Scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. Through the SARA model of problem solving and a COP program or project, solutions can be sought that address the community members’ quality-of-life issues, fear of crime, and crime prevention.

Address the following: 

  • Out of the following 4 SARA model components, if you had to choose 1, which do you think is the most important? Which do you think is the least important? Explain why. 
    • Scanning 
    • Analysis 
    • Response 
    • Assessment 
  • What are 2 community problems where you live? 
    • These can be vandalism, serious crimes, juvenile crime, vandalism, police misconduct, and so on. 
    • Describe the 2 problems as they are specific to your community. 
      • Who are the perpetrators? 
      • Who is affected? 
      • What is currently being done about them? 
    • Explain how you think the SARA model would aid in solving these 2 problems. Be specific. 

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