Analysis of Under Armours’ Change Management Plan

Analysis of Under Armours’ Change Management Plan 

Paper details THE SCOPE AND WORK REQUIRED of this portfolio project will BE an examination of the many dynamic components utilized by Under Armour within their change management plan. REVIEW and ANALYZE the management’s roadmap for change in regards to CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY- REVIEW THE: the triggers for the renewal propelling change, the perspectives of employee behavior, resources of change, barriers to change. NOTES: Every organization faces issues when introducing any change, therefore, it is important that every change is effectively managed to ensure that organizational change does not negatively impact their employees and stakeholders and the interests in the program. Under Armour has a social responsibility to improve the conditions and lives of individuals at the National and Global level. In efforts to enhance its measures towards sustainability, it has joined the Sustainability Apparel Coalition (SAC). This initiative received a level of opposition by the employees who did not understand what the aims of this program were. The SAC is aimed at helping the company reduce the production of unnecessary harm to the environment and leave a positive impact on the people and the communities involved (Under Armour 2019).

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