Analysis of Elixirs Of Death & Death Of A Lake

Elixirs Of Death & Death Of A Lake 

Choose one of the following topics on which to write a short essay. Draw upon at least two of the following readings: Thoreau, Buell, Carson or Linton. Refer closely to your chosen texts and support your argument with reference to the readings, lectures or discussion sections. 1. Writing well environmentally means making the reader care by effectively using language, but every writer belongs to a time and a place and so do their texts. Discuss. 2. Well written environmental texts bring the reader acute awareness of the interaction between the human and nonhuman in fresh ways. Explore how your chosen texts achieve this (for example their ways of employing language, information, and concern with the design of life on our planet). 3. You may propose your own topic. To do this, you must submit your topic to me by email on or prior to Friday, 2/22 and be available to discuss it on or prior to Monday, 2/25. The final wording and scope must be approved by me prior to the lecture on Monday 2/25. All essays should: • Be well written: Use clear and grammatically-correct sentences; have a logical overall structure and individual paragraph structure; include well-reasoned and supported arguments; have an appropriate and consistent tone. • Reflect your authentic voice. • Be creative. Draw interesting and unusual associations or comparisons, include nuanced interpretation of the texts. • Conform to MLA Style, including proper citations and ending with a list of works cited. • Be approximately 1000 words or between 3-4 pages, double spaced, Time New Roman 12 point font and include page numbers.

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