3 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 1 TOPIC 1 DQ1 Nurses have an

3 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 1


Nurses have an essential place in educating patients from admission to the day of discharge. We spend much time with the patients teaching them about their recovery and what they should do after release to continue their positive outcome. Each patient is very different in how they learn and take in information about their health. We have to assess how our patients can best process the education given to them by the health care team during every minute spend with them. Each patient and nurses have different learning ways, so we must know what works for everyone, and that is what we use. With the world of technology, we can show our patients videos about their ailments or surgeries; we even have films about different drains if they go home with one. After the movie, we have the information to print out for the patients and family (1) only one because of Covid-19 are allowed to be at the bedside to learn with them. Patients education is a fundamental part of nursing care because it provides an ideal balance of performing that the patient can hopefully get back once they recover ( Amparado, & Ocariza, 2020). We are zeroing in on decreasing the behavioral symptoms to increase learning ability with the behavior objective. Nurses must meet all challenges in educating ( GCU, 2018).


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