150 words There are three outcomes for the first meeting

150 words


There are three outcomes for the first meeting between a case manager and a person or applicant who wants or needs services:

  1. the applicant feels free to express him- or herself
  2. the applicant leaves confident of being able to work with the case manager toward a satisfactory solution
  3. rapport is established between the two participants

Clearly this first meeting or initial intake interview is important to the assessment phase and establishes a beginning tone to the case management process.

An intake interview can take place anywhere. Choose one of the following locations and potential clients, and describe how you would structure or arrange the setting in order to most effectively interview the individual(s) who needs or desires services.

  • A homeless person living on the streets who agrees to meet you at a fast-food restaurant
  • A teenager who lives in a group home where you will meet her after school
  • A single mother who invites you to her apartment in the projects

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