10 year bond yield (Argentina)

Overview of assignment

You are required to produce a report on the determinants of 10 year bond-yield. Your report should be based on Argentina REQUIREMENTS

Your report must fulfil the following specific tasks:

1. Provide a review of relevant literature, with particular emphasis on the relationship between your independent and dependent variables.

2. Collect and tabulate 10 years of monthly or 20 years of quarterly data on your chosen variable of interest from the list above, and also on any three major determinants of the variable.

3. Estimate a regression model to evaluate the impacts of the three major determinants on your chosen variable of interest.

3. Write a report analysing the findings of your research. You are required to demonstrate a logical and coherent interpretation of theory and research findings, illustrating your arguments with appropriate diagrams The report must include the following sections: (i) Introduction (10 marks), (ii) Literature Review (20 marks), (iii) Analysis of Data and Justification of Research Method (20 marks), (iv) Empirical Findings and their interpretations. (40 marks), (v) recommendations and referencing ( 10 marks).

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